Strawberry Creek Quaker Meeting

in Berkeley, California

Committees of Our Meeting


We have many committees that keep our meeting functioning well. Regular attenders and members are encouraged to participate in at least one committee to help share in the workload of the meeting and to be an active part of our community.

Job Description of Meeting Committees

Communications (PDF)
First Day Children's Program (PDF)
Loaves and Fishes (PDF)
Naming (PDF)
Nominating (PDF)
Events (no job description yet)
Care of the Meeting:
     Job Description (PDF)
     Guidelines for Financial Aid from the Quaker Events Support Fund (PDF)
     Funds for Individuals (PDF)
Worship and Ministry:
     Job Description (PDF)
     Committee Handbook (PDF)
Facilities (PDF)
Finance (PDF)
     Funds for Individuals (PDF)
Mutual Care (PDF)
Peace, Earthcare, and Social Witness (PDF)
Library (part of Communications) (PDF)

Officers of the Meeting

Clerk (PDF)
Alternate Clerk (PDF)
Recording Clerk (PDF)
Recorder (PDF)
Treasurer (PDF)
Database Keeper (PDF)
Web Coordinator (part of Communications) (PDF)

Notes on Committee Service

These notes, the text of which can be found here, contain advice for people considering or engaging in service on a committee.

Strawberry Creek Nominating Process

This process, also known as the Strawberry Creek Method, has been adopted by a number of meetings as a helpful way to discern the gifts that members and attenders bring to committee work. This process is exceptionally useful when the committee is having some trouble with a particular position, but is not always practical for filling every position. Information about the process can be found in Spiritual Discernment within the Nominating Process by Perry Treadwell, most recently printed in the October 2005 edition of Friends Journal . The text can also be found here.

Template for Job Descriptions

There are certain pieces of information that Nominating Committee looks for when they are nominating folks to serve on committees. We put together a template that specifies those pieces of information and encourage committees to use this template when updating their job descriptions. You can find that template in a Word document format here.

Being a Member of Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting

Our Care of the Meeting Committee has prepared a description of what it means to be a member of Strawberry Creek Meeting and the Religious Society of Friends.